Suggestions for Auria Pro 2.0!

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Suggestions for Auria Pro 2.0!

Post by mtingle » Tue Oct 02, 2018 6:06 am

Haha, I know this is probably a long way away but here are a few ideas for features I'd gladly part with some more money for Auria to have!

1. Seemless audio engine. This is huge! Have the audio engine never stop. Drop in to record, drop out of record, move regions, perform basic operations without the playback stopping or skipping. Maybe taxing on the cpu but if Abelton Live can do it since 2001 then a modern ipad surely can match this.

2. Audio loop record with take management.

3. Plugin swapping (drag and drop re-ordering). Save plugin chains. Copy and paste plugin chains to other tracks.

4. Copy and paste regions between projects.

5. Edit screen to work in portrait mode.

6. More subgroups (or less).

7. Ability to choose pre or post for the aux sends in regards to the plugins and channel strip.

8. Faster opening and more responsive channel strip (Auria 1.0 was fast, Auria 2.0 introduced a lag).

9. More choices about soloing and muting when it comes to subgroups and buses. Currently if you mute and unmute a subgroup it doesn't return Auria to the initial state and creates merry hell during playback as all the previously muted tracks all play at once (as they are now unmuted).

10. All the bugs to squashed that are currently in Auria Pro (I can make a list, there are quite a few).

Hope this helps seeing what people might be interested in for the future of Auria.

Feel free to add your 2 cents..
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Re: Suggestions for Auria Pro 2.0!

Post by richardyot » Tue Oct 02, 2018 7:05 am

Yes I would love to see more development in Auria, I guess the lack of a clear upgrade system in the App Store is a real problem because it makes it very difficult for devs to keep updating the apps. There's no way WML can just keep adding features for free, but it's tricky to add some of this stuff as IAP without attracting negative reviews.

Personally I would be more than happy to pay for new features, if there's a way for WML to make this happen.

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Re: Suggestions for Auria Pro 2.0!

Post by theconnactic » Sat Oct 06, 2018 4:58 pm

+1 on be willing to pay for another IAP upgrade for Auria Pro 2.0, even if it’s the same price of the full app in the App Store (being able to keep all my current IAPs would more than compensate for it).

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