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Midi Editing

Post by jorrik » Thu Jan 18, 2018 4:19 am

Dear all,

I need to set Midi commands in cc 31 up to CC 55. But how? The method like automation is really a 100% disaster. Very, very difficult to get what you need, to add points, to shift them etc. Am trying hard, but hardly get what I want.

You need really to revise it. It will not be workable like this. One solution: please give us the option to "write" the value "Position" and "Value" instead of hving to draw curves and what have you.

The biggest issue: I have a point and want to shift it. In only 1 out of 10 cases, I really get the point. It is adding other points or just does not marker the right point while you still press and press around it.

Please do something here.

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Re: Midi Editing

Post by Anthony Alves » Sun Jan 21, 2018 9:57 am

I agree that there really needs to be some midi CC information in the live info window as you move your finger vertically like CC# and CC Value. Inspite of this very needed feature missing in AuriaPro, I can still recommend some tips to help you get some control in the CC editor window.
1. Don’t use draw mode if you need precision so make sure the draw pencil is off.
2. Make sure you use the Snap value eg. Snap to 1/2 1/8 1/4 1/16 Bar ect.
3. Zoom in to the snap lines. There will continue to show more lines until you have revealed them all. Usually snap values of 1/16 or 1/32 have many snap lines if your zoomed out too far so zoom in to see them all.
4. Tap and hold until you see a marker created under your finger. Notice that the marker snaps to the value selected in the snap grid tab. Now you can select the curve you want between 2 markers.
5. To adjust the midi CC value between 0-127 just tap on a marker and hold and drag vertically and for timeline durration drag horizontally.
6. To select your midi CC# use the drop down CC menu to the right of the draw pencil.

This should get you some decent programming results. If you need I can produce a video tutorial on this topic for you. I have many videos dedicated soley to using Auria on my free youtube channel. Cheers and good luck.

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