How to route direct signal from channel to an output in recording mode?

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How to route direct signal from channel to an output in recording mode?

Post by willie » Thu Dec 14, 2017 9:25 am

I'm new to auria.
I searched a lot in the inet and in this forum but i didn't find an answer.
Is it possible to route an input channel directly to an output channel?
Or are there other solutions?

I just want to record our rehearsals. I have a UMC1820 and an ADA8200 as audio interfaces.
3 Channels Vocals, Bass, Git, Keys, 8 Channels drums.
I just want to splitt the vocal between our monitor mixer and the interface without using a seperate splitter. (Because of phantom power i can't use simple cable splitter...)

So i thought this should be working simply with putting the voc to the aux bus and send the aux to an output.
But this doesn't work in record mode.
And because of the 3 channels vocals i can't use the internal monitor of the UMC, which has the possibility to just put Channel 1/2 to the master output.

One solution i found was using a second app (AUM) for this problem. Routing the vocals inputs to an IAA Output and over an AUM internal bus to an interface output.

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Re: How to route direct signal from channel to an output in recording mode?

Post by Anthony Alves » Thu Dec 14, 2017 12:15 pm

You can do this in AuriaPro. Send the track you want to split its sgnal to 2 or more outputs by sending the track to a buss track. You can send any track to as many buss tracks as you need, then sent those buss tracks to a different output. Here is a link to my video on this topic. It may give you some pointers. Good luck. Here is some info for anyone interested in this topic. The reason you cannot sent a track signal to an Aux while recording is because there is no audio file yet. You might be able to monitor an Aux FX inserts durring record ready mode but not durring recording mode. Auria can only send a signal to an Aux from an already recorded file. This is were the Output matrix and busses of AuriaPro come into play. Typically a tracks Aux sends are used in mixdown or to send a monitor mix to musicians in the recording session but this is done on the mixing console not the recorder. So the bussing system overcomes this and allows a live track armed for record to be outputed to a different hardware output. In fact this can be accomplished just by using the Output Matrix but you are limited to just one hardware output per track but by bussing the rec ready track, you can send that one signal to as many hardware outputs that you have available. You will need a bus track for every seperate output. By choosing a stereo bus track you have 2 available hardware outputs. Cheers.

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