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Aux question

Post by rickwaugh » Tue Mar 14, 2017 3:30 pm

You can now use an aux as a bus. So I can send from a channel to an aux, then take the output from that aux back on another channel. However, I'm a bit confused. I know I can now set the input on any channel to accept the output from the aux - by default I believe the aux output goes to either the master, or back to the original channel. Does this still occur if the output is being used in another channel?

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Re: Aux question

Post by wigglelights » Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:45 pm

Your post led me to do a bit of tinkering as it sparked my interest....

So presuming you are talking about the 6 aux sends on each channel strip... From what I can tell on the default routing is they feed into the Aux FX area, then to the Aux Returns over the Master strip. They at no point return back to the original channel.
-one thing I found interesting is that if no fx is loaded in the Aux FX slots was that no signal was passed to the Aux Return. Makes sense, as aux send are as I understand it mostly used for fx sends, and an additional dry signal pass could be problematic.
So in your case - as long as there is no fx loaded in the Aux FX, (and/or the Aux Return is set to 0) and you have selected the Aux as an input to another channel, the Aux will only appear in that channel.
Do keep in mind that on the Settings/Mixer page, each of the 6 Auxes can be set to either pre or post fader. I.e. Whether or not the source's channel fader controls how much signal is going to the Aux send....
Hope that helps

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Re: Aux question

Post by Rim » Thu Mar 16, 2017 2:01 pm

There are two ways to use AUX effects - the first is as wigglelights suggested, and that's the way AUX effects have been done throughout Auria's previous versions.

In Auria Pro, there's a new way to use AUX effects, and that involves using busses. This method doesn't use the AUX Effects section, or the Aux returns. Instead, it works like this:

Let's say we want to use AUX1:
1. Set your AUX1 send levels on all the channels, like you normally would.
2. On a new empty track, set the track input to AUX1.
3. Now add any plugins you'd like to add to this track.

Hope that helps.


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