Full midi CH recording (midi files 0)MASTER TRACK

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Full midi CH recording (midi files 0)MASTER TRACK

Post by mididrum » Sun Feb 26, 2017 10:15 pm

this supposes to record each Note+Channel (might exclude CC,AT or have filter screen to save processing)
should we open SEVERAL midi rec Tracks with proper CH 'this turns Auria Screen a Mess ,
while Output tracks using SAME IAA (not V3) make Another problem,
what using out of AURIA -an EXTERNAL (multich) IAA can solve it-(needing rec audio connection more settings)……

Why not to preset an OPEN invisible MASTER REC SUB MIDI several TRACK(S) for live recording (auto limited tracks number to CH received)
Then easy to extract /Copy any CH to turn it VISIBLE on screen : per CH midi track (on piano roll /EDIT purpose)
then we need Auria Edit to Add a " MIDI CH MERGE" from several edited Midi tracks to be able to PLAY TO SINGLE multiCH
IAAs (CMP (easy in V3) SAMPLE TANK, iBs,Sound canvas, as well on line MIDI RACKS) back to Master track

NOW we MUST preset a Template of several REC Midi tracks ,THEN run (for visibility) 2 sync ipads or use 2 Auria (Pro and updated) in one iPad
but i think Offer of MASTER MULTICHANNEL miditrack is more easy to play a Single multichannel IAA, AND to be able to EDIT (piano roll) THE COPY of faulty CH swapped, then Merged back to its original Master Track

Any "Feel" from CC,AT, might be rerecorded LATER' layered on targeted Midi track -_as usual-
only missing MIDI EDIT function for copy to-Merge that could PLAY to single IAA multichannel

Any TIP to get it NOW (rec+edit+play 16 -?-CH) welcome ...without a Messy Screen

I already wished to get ALL MIDI TRACKS -once added-only On LEFT SCREEN, and ALL AUDIO TRACKS added Right Screen :
to be close enough of Bus and Master (inserts!) to SAVE time and brain from such ergonomy :-now MANHEIM-

WHISH 3 : for easier access :
Master track 6 inserts controls moved on TOP of SCREEN (where Name lengh is USELESS so long)

WISH 4 : Arrow for LOCATORS in/out Point SET to be on WAVE screen , NOT on MIXER SCREEN (boring check/swap!!)

love MORE and MORE Auria … at each update !!!!

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