midi recording IAA unindentified 'logos

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midi recording IAA unindentified 'logos

Post by mididrum » Sun Feb 26, 2017 12:21 am

when IAA Midi source cannot be seen in midi IAA page INSTRUMENTS of Auria miditrack
INSERT that IAA in its"CHANNEL STRIP" slot (where can be SCREENED most IAA insert names )
BUT To record them ( by SET track in a suitable proper MIDI CH )
long press on Record logo (page mixer)
and check RECORD EFFECT option
IAA midi file gets recorded....indeoendantly of (no!) Midi input
Or record IAA player ONLY AUDIO (all midi tracks played) set into a stereo audio track INSERTS
don't forget to switch ON the record box toggled to" record effects "
where as well you might set its recording Level !

wish list
PITY there is no way to get ALL MIDI CH recorded at once by a single track
then of course TO BE played LATER on adjascent tracks with ONLY the Suitable CH at will
Integration of most IAA is now really efficient ! Real pleasure so...
May be integrate an easy access to lyra playing other brands compatible Samples ...

many thanks !

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