Patterning app with Auria

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Patterning app with Auria

Post by K00z0h » Thu Jan 12, 2017 5:47 pm

After troubles with setting up Thor and Auria I'm now trying to get pattern to be available in the app.

Can anyone help me do this? Either to play through or even better to be triggered.

Any advice would be great

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Re: Patterning app with Auria

Post by Asensory » Thu Jan 12, 2017 7:10 pm

I added a track from Patterning via Audiobus, which should be safe enough, but after recording the output from Patterning, I lost audio output and the original project, everything vanished. What was left was JUST the Patterning stem with no audio working.

I experience strange anomalies all the time, usually after adding a couple tracks the CPU usage shoots up past 70, then on to over 100%. Haven't been able to get past a couple tracks in any project lately.

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