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Korg Gadget

Post by rbriand » Thu Jan 12, 2017 2:40 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone is using Korg Gadget instruments as plug-ins for Auria. I want to be able to record midi notes and play them back. I'm not interested in synching the sequencers. I don't want to even use the sequencer in Gadget,
just the sounds. Currently the playback of midi notes from Auria doesn't trigger the instrument I have loaded. If someone could tell me how to set it up like this I'd be much obliged. Thanks for any info. Roger

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Anthony Alves
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Re: Korg Gadget

Post by Anthony Alves » Fri Jan 13, 2017 7:09 am

I will tell you how to do this BUT...Korg Gadget is CPU intensive and is really finiky when used in conjunction with an iOS daw. So be warned. Here we go

Create a midi track in Aurai Pro.
Open Gadget so that it's running in the background.
Set the midi track in Auria Pro to Midi channel 1, Input all, Output Gadget Core Midi,put midi track into record ready.
In Gadget Set midi to Advanced not Easy, touch the instrument you want to play, tap the ALL button below the gadget track solo,this opens up the midi,tap the midi where it says ALL and you now can set the midi channel,set to ch1. In Gadget tap input on the same menu you just set the midi ch to and tap and scroll down and choose Auria.

Now select the midi input keyboard in AuriaPro and set it's midi ch to ch1. You should now be able to hear Gadget and you can now record.

Big problem, Gadget transmits system exculsive messages which record into the track at the same time. Meaning even if you choose a different sound in the instrument, the first sound that got recorded remains even if you delete the track. There may be a workaround but I would have to investigate further. But this was obvious right away. Good luck.

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