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Audio Dropouts

Post by Asensory » Thu Nov 24, 2016 12:02 pm


Having a puzzling problem with audio drop-outs in Auria. The current project went through the following steps:
1- Record a session using Patterning into AUM, using Turnado as an fx plug-in.
2- Export that session into AudioShare, then Audio Copy, then import into new Auria project
3- Add an additional track using SynthMaster Player as an IAA audio track
4- at this point I experienced issues when trying to add another track, so I did a Mixdown to Audio Share and imported the results into yet another fresh Auria project.
5- Add one more track from Lyra, and another from Thor.

So what I have now are three tracks, the first main one and the two extras. When I press play I hear nothing. BUT, when I press a key on my midi KGB (Korg RADIAS) audio returns! Then after a few more seconds it drops out again.

Buffer is now set to 4096.

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