Not sure to buy. Can Auria do the following?

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Not sure to buy. Can Auria do the following?

Post by yentzee » Mon Aug 22, 2016 2:34 pm

I just rearranged my hardware (making electronic music) from a studio setup to a live/jam setup to just record jams and make tracks with the audio files.
As I want to leave the computer away I am looking for a good mixing solution. So far I am thinking of a mackie dl1608 a behringer xr18 and auria but i would like to know if it can do the following as I haven't bought the app yet.

1. Can I make snapshots of mixer settings and if so can I
2. fade between the snapshots manually like activating presets as well as controlling this with midi?
3. Will I be able to use my scarlett 18i20 including my 8 channel adat converter to have 16 audio streams coming into auria and mixing them realtime?
4. How big is the delay when doing so?
5. Are there cables available that allow charging the ipad (ipad4) while being connected to my audio interface?
6. Are the compressors sidechainable?

I forgot the other stuff I wanted to ask :(
Thanks for helping.



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