Gadget sync issue

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Gadget sync issue

Post by maximus » Sat Aug 13, 2016 7:13 am


New to Auria pro but a long time logic user (I started with logic when it was PC compatible only!)

I'm using an iPad Pro 12.9 inch really enjoying what Auria is capable of but am having a couple of small issues when using it with Korg gadget .

1. Sync issues when recording - so I manage to get output going to gadget and back in to an audio channel on Auria. When I monitor through the audio channel input and engage the click track it seems to be syncing fine. So I record the audio coming back in, turn off record arm and mute the midi out channel. On playback of the audio it now seems out of synch. I have both Auria and gadget set to 128ms latency, I tried this with the Auria setting for 'record latency adjustment' set to 128 and 0 nether seemed to do the trick. Is there something I'm missing here ?

2. Is it possible to send midi and get audio returned for more than one instrument in gadget ? It doesn't appear to be multi-timberal. I see only one midi control output for gadget and only one audio input. Also I tried using different midi channels but none of it makes any difference.

Anyway if anyone has any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong I'd love to hear.


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