using vienna symphonic library with lyra/auria

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using vienna symphonic library with lyra/auria

Post by cowswillbecows » Sun Jul 24, 2016 8:52 pm

Is there a way to use commercially available libraries of high quality sounds (e.g., vienna symphonic library) to play mid files in auria? The lyra emulations of analog instruments aren't satisfactory for my purpose and those available for thumbjam aren't quite at the level I'm looking for either. If there aren't any for lyra, is there some other thumbjam-type ipad app that will do this and work with auria as thumbjam does?



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Re: using vienna symphonic library with lyra/auria

Post by Rim » Mon Jul 25, 2016 10:11 am

Yes, Lyra is compatible with SFZ, EXS and SF2 libraries. It's just a matter of copying the libraries into the Sampler Instruments folder (within it's own subfolder). You can use iFunBox or a similar Mac/PC program to copy your libraries over. There are also ways to do it without a computer by using an app like AudioShare.


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Re: using vienna symphonic library with lyra/auria

Post by Jaybot7 » Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:34 pm

I can confirm that the older VSL libraries that came as EXS and Gigasampler libraries work flawlessly (aside from some of the legato instruments, but that may be asking too much).

I've also successfully converted many of my older EastWest (pre-Play) libraries (EWQL Silver/Gold, Colossus, RA, SD1) using chicken-translator and have had some amazing results.

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