Several issues when using third-party modules

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Several issues when using third-party modules

Post by Borjazz » Tue Jul 12, 2016 10:38 am

Hi members and Auria team!,
My device are iPad Pro 12.9 inches and several midi hardware (EWI, Midi guitar Fishman TriplePlay, Korg Trinity...)
I've spent the whole day having crashes and other issues with the recent update (2.05) to Auria Pro.
I'll try to explain some of them.
1.- Aria is unable to open Thumbjam by itself. When I manually open it, then the problems arises again, because sometimes it stops the audio, from the Auria side and also from the Thumbjam side. Sometimes in the middle, when I'm playing, sometimes from the beginning of the playback.
2.- KORG Module: Projects with this module can't be directly opened. Auria shows a warning that it is unable to load it. I manually load it and sometimes it starts to sound like an horrible beep noise. Got to load/unload or viceversa.
3.- iFretless modules: They let me play the first or two phrases and then they stop or I got a CPU Overload warning.
4.- CPU Overloads: How can I have an overload with just one loop from Auria (a drum pattern) and a midi track??? No effects, just the loop on an audio track, and a midi track with one of the modules mentioned. Today all of the modules I have give me overloads. No other apps running but Auria and the module.
5.- Incorrect volumes: When i play with the modules i get a level, when I playback from Auria, the volumes are sometimes different, too low or too high. I can't understand this, maybe my fault, but if it's playing what's in the module, how can the sound differ?
I see myself all the time closing and reopening Auria to give my audio back, it seems that when an overload is produced or one of the issues mentioned, the audio stops, even from both sides (Auria and modules).

Thank you for reading. These are my main issues. Hope somebody give me some advice.

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