Midi Arpeggios

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Midi Arpeggios

Post by haircastle » Tue Jun 28, 2016 6:51 am


Is there a way to record an arpeggiated synth line into midi in Auria?
I can't seem to get Fabfilter One or Twin2 to arpegiate
And when i record arturia's isem arpeggiating (ie using the arp settings as opposed to doing it manually) it seems to just appear as big long note in the midi editing panel when i want lots of little notes that i can move around etc....

Any help would be great!



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Re: Midi Arpeggios

Post by Anthony Alves » Tue Jun 28, 2016 9:43 am

The reason you see only one long note in AuriaPro instead of many arp notes is because AuriaPro is recording the note on note off info and since you didnt lift your finger until the end that will be the only note on and off. The Arp notes you hear from iSem are built within the iSem Patch and these notes do not get transmitted only the note on and off. There is also velocity and durration and midi note number and this is included with the midi code string. So what you are seeing is normal. In order to record arps you would need to recreate the notes in Auria that are triggering the iSem Arp Patch. You can easlily record the Audio of the Arp using IAA or Audiobus. Cheers.

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