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Backing Track Workflow

Post by IndieP » Tue May 17, 2016 9:37 am

Hi All,
Since my last several posts I have been familiarizing myself with Auria including tutorials at Now that I am at the point where I am actually attempting to create a backing track of an existing song, I am faced with what type of workflow would be easier.

In writing an actual music score, weather from scratch or making changes to an existing piece of music, a composer would physically write in the notes on the score or delete and change them. However, when listening to actual instruments on an existing song in a video, what method would be best to note "In" and "Out" points of VI's (virtual instruments) for the whole song in the backing track you are attempting to create?

In video editing you have a timeline where audio is, (should be), synced with the video, and you can scroll along the timeline and make changes. Perhaps some of you still use the old score method adding VI's above or beneath the score, or maybe there is some software that would facilitate a good workflow which I am not aware of.

Short of taking an actual audio file and placing it in Auria to play in the background like a metronome (if that were possible) while inserting VI's as you listen to the song, (which would pose other problems), I would appreciate input as to what some of you do regarding your workflow in creating backing tracks. Or how not to lose focus from the whole song while working on a small part.

I hope I've explained myself clearly enough.

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