A New Way to Play and Record Midi into Auria

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A New Way to Play and Record Midi into Auria

Post by sm117 » Mon May 02, 2016 9:38 pm

Auria has some really interesting sounds of its own (Lyra Sampler, FabFilter One, FabFilter Twin 2, etc.), as well as many other synth apps that can be played using InterAppAudio, but playing and recording chord sequences, especially in situations where you may have only the iPad with you, can be a challenge.

We thought the Auria community would like to know about a new midi controller app for iPad we just released, called ChordMaps2, which allows the user to play and record not only melody lines and bass lines, but also complex multi-note chord progressions, in both major and minor keys, playing with just one or two fingers, and using the iPad screen as the playing surface.

Probably the most direct way to get a feel for the kinds of musical passages that can be played with ChordMaps2 is to watch the short demo video found here.

One Approach We Tried with Auria:
Testing ChordMaps2 with Auria, we tried the following setup. We started Auria and also loaded it as an Output in AudioBus. Then ChordMaps2 was set up to send midi signals to Auria. Starting AudioBus Remote on a second device enabled record and play remotely. At that point we could load a synth into one of Auria's tracks, arm it, switch to the ChordMaps2 screen, tap record on AudiaBus Remote, and play and record chord progressions over virtual midi into Auria, going back to the Auria screen to quantize and edit afterwards.

As mentioned earlier, in situations where a user may be working with just the iPad, this provides a new way to play and record midi passages into Auria. We thought members of the Auria community would be interested to hear about it.

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