Auria Pro Exporting to External device

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Auria Pro Exporting to External device

Post by Tfmusic-1 » Wed Apr 20, 2016 10:39 am

Hello all,

I am considering upgrading to Auria Pro and I have a LEEF ibridge external storage.

My question is: Can you export stems to the ibridge at mix down?

Also, does Pro take much more iPad storage than standard Auria?

Many thanks for your help and I hope everyone is well :-)


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Re: Auria Pro Exporting to External device

Post by pitzipado » Wed Apr 20, 2016 11:54 am

I also am very interested in the ibridge I know people have had success with the sandisk mobile storage as well but
I like the Leef device design
Would love to hear from anyone using one and any details/comments on specific use with Auria :D

Here is some previous discussion ... dge#p45564

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Re: Auria Pro Exporting to External device

Post by pitzipado » Fri May 06, 2016 10:48 am

I acquired a leef ibridge so I can answer my own questions and review in case anybody is interested in expanded storage:
It's a very cool little thing- (throbs blue whilst working)actually flexible so the lightning connecter easily fit into my air2 with a Logitech case The control app is pretty simple- a pop up informs you a file has been added to your inbox you can create folders & move stuff around etc- one thing it doesn't feature is a settings view telling you how much space is being used. I'm hoping that will be added some day
It works just fine with Auria Pro 2.4 I can choose "save project"> "save project to
other app"> "open in mobile memory"(what a thrill it was to see that appear!)
Auria compresses/zips the project the leef app opens and after a few seconds
you are informed the file has been added to the inbox. I delete the project in Auria
go back to the leef app choose my project to "open in Auria Pro" and it goes right
back into the projects menu where it started! I was moved to Yippee! Another little
quirk(or safety factor I suppose) the files are copied thru the outbox of the app
itself and have to be deleted there as well.
I started using Auria from its inception nigh onto four years ago with 16gb iPad two
graduated to 128 air2 6 months ago and this device more or less completes my
production line delivery system- I mostly record live music with a behringer Xair 18
so I wind up with 10-16 two hour tracks. I divide these into more manageable chunks
then from the edit window drop down menu choose "share" then "export to audioshare" and from there choose "open in mobile memory" move to a file folder
in the ibridge. I can then unplug the leef and stick the usb end into my associate's'
Mac or pc and they can extract the tracks to external hard drive or whatever. I don't
have a computer so for me and my filesharing/saving this is major. Dropbox has always
been problematic for me moving large files(not to mention time consuming) maybe
my DSL ( .5 megabits on a good day)isn't fast enough but with this device I can also move high def video around- another milestone! One can in fact record video directly
into the device which seems pretty handy for iPhone videographic type users(I don't have one)
Pricey little suckers I got the 64 gb for $120 USD- I'm thinking as more similar
products emerge they will get cheaper faster and better(just as I hope to do)
but for now just the one gives me all the flexibility I need to better serve my
immediate recorded music community!
I hopes this helps clarify some things for the curious and very best
cheers on the day :D

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