Hard to record a track using IAA, Audiobus or midi

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Re: Hard to record a track using IAA, Audiobus or midi

Post by kaikoo » Sun Apr 10, 2016 11:45 am


let's get further up if you have both AUM and Chordup on your side! :lol:

Objective: learn how to use AUM mixer (volume fader) with Auria Pro subgroup by using midi cc control feature with keyboard app for real time mixing and midi recording.

The above mentioned AUM subgroup technique can be expanded upon for Auria Twin2!

Basically, you can assign midi cc number, such as filter cutoff, to any available midi cc slot (check your piano roll editor for available cc slot on that particular channel) to external keyboard (Chordup). Then you go and do recording midi notes, so filter slope graph can be recorded as you already known! It is not just sounding good, but it is reliable that cc data also be saved with your project!

Not bad at all, but...

What if you have Auria subgroup chained to AUM? You know AUM has midi cc too, which can be learnt by assigning volume slider (fader) of AUM on specific midi channel, so you play the Chordup chord keyboard, you has volume and velocity control in real time to record those AUM volume fader and Twin2 velocity fluctuation for melody to your Auria piano roll.

Well this is a big deal, because you has not only a true real time control straight from Chordup, but also a wonderful control on velocity! Velocity? Why? The high level technical know how is that the Twin2 synth is capable of assigning modulations to any onboard synth parameters! So you can have velocity (source) apply to cutoff (destination) on modulation panel of Twin2. You can do vibratory volume control. You can do XLFO assigned to cutoff filter then use velocity to control XLFO rate or amount; all depend on what you going to do with midi controller on Twin2, then let the Chorup and AUM to help you get your goal.

You know what I meant? You are playing music apps derivatives, (hahaha, not Option rights on stock market). So Chordup is so useful and easy on midi cc applied to AUM volume fader! Well, you can expand this technique to 2 or more Twin2 synths or any other synth apps to mix within Auria's aurora! :lol: :lol: :lol:

So you have it on more advanced mixing. Thanks to Auria, you now have Auira and AUM to help each other. So should not be negative if you see them both the mixing tools to against one another! They can dance together!

5. Assign Chordup to control AUM midi control, so volume fader can work for Chordup
4. Velocity recorded using Chordup app
3. This is the midi cc applied to number 7 on channel1 then recored the changing volume fader of AUM to Auria pianoroll editor
2. Midi cc with volume slider and velocity control applied to AUM
1. Cutoff filter recored by AUM with Chordup to Auria
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Re: Hard to record a track using IAA, Audiobus or midi

Post by kaikoo » Sun Apr 10, 2016 9:07 pm

Part 2 of Timeless2 tutorial by Dan Worrall is excellent source for imagination.


In this video, it addresses the use of foot pedal for timeless2 delay trancy effect. If you have only an iPad, you can use Chordup like me. There is an midi controller cc assignment hint in this video. Well, once you have midi cc passing through AUM and Chordup, you have so powerful control that only existed with Auria and easier use only available through Fabfilter, Auira, AUM and 3rd party controller apps such as Chordup!

I am not marketing it, just the fact that this technique is the best quality and newest stuff on iOS music. You be the judge!


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Re: Hard to record a track using IAA, Audiobus or midi

Post by kaikoo » Tue Apr 12, 2016 2:07 am

Hi there,

Today is a great day, I receive Midisteps sequencer v 1.2 update!

This is a 64 steps, 4 channel AU host 16 patterns sequencer on iPad!

On this version, every steps can be edited on hold button without leaving HOLD page, it can also be an excellent sequencer for AUM. If you want to drive 4 AU synths at same time or more synths on AUM mixer, you can do it on 4 midi channels provided that you put/plug Midisteps itself on one of the AUM IAA input slot. You can drive lots of AU synths.


Now get on to Auria

I have put Twin2 synth to a test! As you know, there are some latency issue with midi controller apps, midi arp or any midi sequencers! This one, Midisteps shown on photo here, I have almost perfect adjustment for midi recording! Well, this is again a big deal! Why? Because there are not many sequencer apps can have such accurate timing for midi recording! Plus, the Midisteps' clock/tempo be driven by Auria's internal clock. You just press Auria's start and stop that Midisteps follows so well by Auria's command! Hoho, :D ya!

Go and get to support Artkerns products; Midisteps and MidiLFOs!

His website: http://www.artkerns.com/midisteps.html

3 photos here to let you know I like Midisteps a lot! It is wonderful match to play Twin1,2 synths on it with Fab/PSP.

Look that photo 3. here, the first bar being recorded perfectly, it tells you how good the Midisteps is!
1. 120 bpm sync indicated and latency setting adjusted to -20ms from zero
3. The first bar transmitted by Midisteps
2. Midisteps midi data to Auria Pianoroll, accurate timing, ease of use
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Re: Hard to record a track using IAA, Audiobus or midi

Post by kaikoo » Tue Apr 12, 2016 3:06 am


Midisteps can start the playhead from its own interface, even when it is being sync and driven by Auria at the time. So you can edit the sequence and start/stop the Midisteps playhead when doing some looping researches, them press again the Auria's playhead after arming red button to start recording the apps together! Well, again, not many sequencer apps acting like this way! As for this writing, I want you be good with Auria and be your best music DAW. Yes, you can buy every arp and sequencers and spending your time with lots stress and messing around to the result. But, you will then again tell and agree Midisteps is quite topping out!


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Re: Hard to record a track using IAA, Audiobus or midi

Post by kaikoo » Wed Apr 13, 2016 2:43 am

********************* read slowly, you can benefit on this iOS music apps setup , thank you for your patience to read my foreign English **************************

Hi, there

This thread title is 'hard to record IAA and midi if we ignoring Audiobus'!

Today I share with you a good composition method for thank your patience on this thread. This method is awesome to me as a layman into wonderland.

We has been through some midi recording issues on midi controller or keyboard for recording. Yes, it is hard that to make a song for your personal liking not to mention to present it to public. In iOS world, a good thing is there are so many small developers to share their wisdom on musical apps to everyone; however, there are problems on how to join those apps to work for at the same time. We have many short moments on enjoying each app debut, but we have very big difficulties on how to make music apps glued together.

So here comes in Auria and Fab/PSP, in one place. That's good! But for non musicians or not so expert educated us, music app lovers, appholics. we have hard time to make those midi and IAA worked in today's speedy living environment and days. Still, lots of room space for apps improvements forever into future!

I hereby try to achieve one thing for you guys! To make chord melody accessible toward to your songs. So sticking to the method here for some times, you will get my energy reward these apps' power, Especially for amateur music making people like me!

Here we go...

Apps: Auria Pro Twin1 or Twin2, PSP Echo, midiSTEPs, Soundprism (SP) Link editions or Pro version!

Objective: Learning to record SP LinkEdition Chord, melody and bass midi parts to MidiSTEPs, then record those parts to Auria Pro to achieve quality song expression!

As far as we know today, Chord Melody based app King is SoundPrism Pro/Link; it is good that midi channel 1,2 and 3 for bass (1), chord (2) and melody (on midi channel3) are ready on SP. If you are in my situation without keyboard, computer, and hardware analog gears or real instrument, only one iPad and iPhone, plus you don't know anything about theory on music. My question is 'Can you use SoundPrism Pro/Link to your advantage to make wonderful songs without mechanical idiot like arpeggiation or dull sequences?' The answer is yes! Great, SoundPrism is a tool to give theoretical correct key to the chord for you, you can move the up and down; however, you can not express your mood, your feeling, your sentimental and unspeakable in such speedy way to digest to make song if you are not fluent enough on the key and notes!

Here comes in App Store that only one app ( MidiSTEPs ) existed today for you to register that key and notes and then sequencing it to edit and record it wonderfully to Auria Pianoroll Editor; otherwise, on other apps you are suffer in time and pain! I say this to you because I have plenty of those arps, sequencers, chord thingies. I am very intuitive to practice them with pain!

The Midisteps is not without its own drawback, particularly, you can not recording the temporary midi notes gaps. But it's advantage is far more greater than some little trivial. So you can slowly practice your every SoundPrism notes and chords to register them to MidiSTEPs. I think no one ever showing you this method, so I want you to try it out with Twin2 synth with PSP Echo, you will be amazed that your personal moody phrases recorded to against those mechanical moods by other means. Yes, Fugue Machine is my fav, but you should not always rely on repeating cycles to hide your talent and mind to achieve your fluctuated minds. Music is always an art forms, that is why it is important to me with this setting.

Few things about the setup (how to)!

1. (For SP performance and recording to MidiSTEPs) Turn on SoundPrism to mute it's own sound. SoundPrism auto midi channels recognition is now on! Turn on Midisteps and on MidiSTEPs, touch the tempo panel, there is a text 'midi' on lower right, ticking receiving midi clock. Then go on to 'SETTINGS' icon panel for 'MIDI IN' in MidiSTEPs. You have 2 options here, first option is to tick SoundPrism (I use Link edition to demo) for MidiSTEPs 'midi in port', so tick SoundPrism and channel selection on '+' sign for all channels on. you can now flip back to SP to touch the grid, every touch will be recorded to MidiSTEPs, if have some practice on SP, you know how to express what you want. If you make mistake, then go back to MidiSTEPs. It is so easy to clean up any notes on Midisteps grids. We have no sound coming through this moment, so on list no 2. below to set up Auria Pro for your normal IAA instrument midi procedure for Twin2.
2. (For SP performance and recording to MidiSTEPs) The question now is where the sound is from? It is from Auria Twin2 synth with armed red circle on IAA instrument page. For SoundPrism to work for Midisteps, you do not set anything on Auria for SP. You don't need to set 'send clock' and 'send notes' or 'receive notes' to/from SP. SP itself has background audio on and muted sound of itself. On Auria, it is important here you choose 'Midi Input' on 'ALL' channels, because Twin2 synth needs to know there are 3 channels to split out 3 channel sounds to SoundPrism channel 1,2 and 3. On Midisteps app, you need to have 'Midi out' in the center middle to tick MidiSTEPs out 1, there is a 'Midisteps' option for you to tick. Thus when you play back the Twin2 sound, Midisteps knows midi channel 1 for synth 1 midi track to send. You then press play buttons and 'HOLD' button on Midisteps to listen and change part of the unwanted. If you have pink second page of Midisteps setup for channel 2 synth, you should tick 'Midi out' on Midisteps channels2. In this way, although you have Auria Midi Input on ALL, each Auria's track knows which channels to listen to.
3. (For Auria midi notes recording) I haven't told you about the second option on list no 1. This second option is to tick 'midi in port' on Midisteps in.It is inside the SETTINGS icon for 'midi in'. Ticking it by change SP to mdiSTEPs text there, still leave the '+' sign there for all channels. Then you go and tick on the middle center window of Midisteps to tick 'midi out' to 'Midisteps out 1' for the 'midi out port' and then go back to Auria to select channel 1 on IAA 'midi input', you again don't tick on SP on the back of Auria, it always has mdiSTEPs send clock, notes and receive notes 'light on' on the back of Auria. So this list no. 3 setup is only when you want to record your Midisteps works to Auria. So don't mistake this no 3. Setup to the above no 1. and 2. I think it is quite simple after a few practice to switch in between.

(SoundPrism app always shown send and receive text on back of Auria midi setting page, you 'never' tick those SP texts on the back of Auria to turn them on, no matter your options is 1 or 2 on above mentioned)

(you always have Auria track's red circle on, no matter your options is no 1. or no. 2., otherwise you do not have Twin2 sound coming out when you touch SP app screen)

(Don't forget the -20 ms adjustment and buffer size on the other talking on this thread for Midisteps photo)

If you still don't know how, just replay to the thread.


There are some pro and con for each apps....

SoundPrism Pro/Link
Pro: theoretically greatest bass, chord and melody composition iOS app for fingertips, beautiful design, live performance
Con: no history for your recording, no arpeggiation, no tempo flashy indication and metronome for continuing finger timing

Pro: Accurate latency adjustment, phrase looping, notes editing & arrangement, fast copy/paste, fast octave switching, 4 playheads sync (has different quantized gridlock speed) acting similar with Fugue Machine
Con: one by one editing could be too slow to lose thoughtful input, lacking longer note length writing and rhythmic timing is hard because haven't implement the empty blank steps midi in recording method. No partial grid randomizer

Auria Pro:
Pro: powerful horse for everything. After recording midi notes, you have lots of quality choices for editing and modulation management.
Con: note editing and looping individuals track make you losing interesting thoughtful momentum for melody and chord creation.


So this synergistic combination setup can be augmented to include StepPolyArp for arpeggiation (best arp on iOS), but 4 apps setup is quite fatiguing from time to time. You can also use Chordup to substitute for SoundPrism. I have tried several other apps combinations, but this writing gives me very good personal melodies to mirror image own minds!

The result of your works are not necessary or totally dependent on MidiSTEPs , you should sometimes straight keying on SoundPrism to Auria to add some real time recording to parts of tracks. Add some interesting window dressing audios to the song! What this setup does and it's objective is to let you to have some major part of song foundation, to let you edit any parts afterward on MidiSTEPs and Auria Pro. Thanks to the ability of recording SoundPrism expression, you have very intimate personal gift on your own song! To delineate and render minds and feeling whenever you finger, mind and sounds through ears joining to write down your midi phrases, that is essence for this setup afterall. That is also called 'Flow'. So use apps wisely for greater help to reduce composition time in this regards!

I can not help you on how to edit the Midisteps midi loops. You need practice to know many small details. As always, not difficult to know in and out! stay with it for your time, you will be finding ways to adjust midi notes after your SP performance. Frankly, this is the best method on iOS, even better than the tiny Korg Gadget window to record your live feeling! Live SP finger dancing can squeeze out what you want to say on music melody par!

Finally, there is a catch! This setup has plenty of apps flipping in btw, so use your home button on iPad wisely, so better use single 'assistive touch' home button setup on screen to reduce chance to damage your home button! I use it always!
8. Midi out port always select Midisteps out, if number is 1, it goes to Auria channel 1 tracks, if number is 2, it goes to channel 2 on Auria track or tracks.
7. This is always the same on the back, don't tick SP
6. Always have receive clock on no matter what option you choose here
5. Here you select channel 1 for midisteps recording back to Auria, this is option no. 2 setup.
4. If you choose midisteps in + on 'midi in port' it means you select option no. 2 to record midsteps notes back to Auria
3. When Auria is on ALL for midi in, here you should choose SP Link + sign for recording SP to Midisteps
2. Midi in should be 'ALL' for list no. 1 and 2., this is the setup for SP performance to misisteps
1. For SP auto midi on
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Re: Hard to record a track using IAA, Audiobus or midi

Post by kaikoo » Wed Apr 13, 2016 2:51 am

Enjoy this last SoundPrism setup, you have the best Twin2, PSP analog echo, Auria, midisteps, SoundPrism. Whatever you want to do with midi, you can have it, modulated it all on Fabfilters. How about plug your hardware next to Auria then to the SoundPrism. Haha, enjoy SP for fun and awasome! :D


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Re: Hard to record a track using IAA, Audiobus or midi

Post by kaikoo » Wed Apr 13, 2016 8:47 am


I have made a little change to the photo 8 and 9. Only 8 photos now.

For midisteps 'midi out port', you always have 'mdiSTEPs out' selected, the right hand side is for channels sections, if it is 1 selected, it means all the Auria tracks with synths on channel 1 input have sound pass through.

'Midi out port' of midisteps should not tick SoundPrism for any reasons!

I have recheck several times for my writing for mistakes, now the representation is perfect.

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Re: Hard to record a track using IAA, Audiobus or midi

Post by krzycrs » Wed Apr 13, 2016 3:16 pm

Opting for audiobus, aum, auria integrated circuits (:
... app-switching in the ab sidebar, state-saving, etc.

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Re: Hard to record a track using IAA, Audiobus or midi

Post by kaikoo » Wed Apr 13, 2016 9:05 pm

krzycrs wrote:Opting for audiobus, aum, auria integrated circuits (:
... app-switching in the ab sidebar, state-saving, etc.
Just had a play of Mersenne synth arpeggiation with SP. I have my Phillip fidelio x2 on! Awesome personal enjoyment! I am going to try dissecting Mersenne wave forms with Saturn, because Mersenne has vast complex harmonic expression for shaping in terms of it's resonator and arpeggiation.

I like AUM with Modstep idea, but Modstep needs much improvement. So I still prefer Auria's stability. You see me not talking much about Modstep, that is the reason.
Mersenne app on Auria IAA instrument slot

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Re: Hard to record a track using IAA, Audiobus or midi

Post by kaikoo » Mon Apr 18, 2016 4:15 am

Chordup's new video:


New app maybe, named Clawtar.

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Re: Hard to record a track using IAA, Audiobus or midi

Post by Olivenoire » Sun May 15, 2016 12:05 pm

I'm back after a while
Ive just start again Auria after a long cut

Hope I will not have to test any other app' nor buy

I have to read all the topic...

But actually I just want simply to remove the red bar that get stuck sometimes and simply redirect some sound to a track without a headache.

Will give an another try

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Re: Hard to record a track using IAA, Audiobus or midi

Post by Olivenoire » Sat Jun 25, 2016 2:18 am

Hi again

I really have to stop trying to use all of this stuff To much software, to much possibilities. Unfortunately I do not own all the knowledge to go so far. Initially my aim was to record some music using Auria.
This topic show me all thing I have to learn to record a simple synth and bass line with 4 track drum.

Well, now I'm coming back a very last time but before :
1) can you give me a link to understand what is exactly midi?? It seems it helps play music, helps communicate between app etc. But it seems I can command an instrument etc

2) what is the best way to send music in Auria? : AUM or Audio bus? or together?

3) I've read the manual but unable to understand what are the differences between :
- midi contrat/Interapp (only a few visible)
- channal all/1(2/...
- Input (and what is network session?)
- Output (what is the aim of output)
- Channel strip? What is that??

4) if I want to simply use AUM instead of mdi/input/channel strip, to send midi or sound in Auria. Is it possible? Is it good?

My app/ hardware is

iPad air 2
Aurai pro
AUM + Audio buss
Nave + Animoog
Attack +Impc pro

I'm so sorry

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