Loving This App!

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Loving This App!

Post by King » Sun Dec 06, 2015 4:57 pm

Hey Rim,

Loving this app!!!

I have been taking my time and going through this app with a fine tooth comb!
Apart from the brilliance, here is what I have found so far:

Note: As you'll see below I've been a little busy to catch up on all the comments on the forums, (just glimpses) so some of this may have already been addressed.

...I'm just scratching the surface! When I really start to work on projects again I'll see what's what.
Hopefully other customers/users can say "phew, I thought it was just my copy/system".

I'm sure you will be using the iron and squasher Rim.

I have only written this now because I glimpsed you speaking about an update which should be released next week.
Some of what I've mentioned may get in. ;)

Edit: was rushing to finish this, forgot to put it in the other department.

These things are not a deal breaker at all, we expected some bugs. So if you are in two mind to buy or not, I would say definitely "YES!"

It is brilliant. Good job Rim! :-)
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