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Re: ReTune

Post by djanton73 » Tue Sep 06, 2016 2:50 pm

levispeights wrote:
CasperGomez wrote:Auria is amazing and the fact you get FabFilter plugins for a fraction of the real price is insane!!

However, Re-Tune is really bad.

The major thing Auria is missing is a serious Pitch Correction plugin.
This is desperately needed. I’m shocked there’s no partnership yet with a serious voice app developer.

Any news on upcoming partnership or new plugin?

Is there a way to somehow use AudioBus etc to sync up an Autotune app and still stay on the Auria screen while the pitch correction is done in the background by the sync'd app?

An 'Auria WaveMachine labs' and 'Melodyne Celemony' partnership would be freaking AMAZING. At this point the only reason I even turn on my MacBook Pro is to use Melodyne. Once that is done I drop the WAV back into Auria. If Melodyne would come to iOS I would litterly be the happiest person on earth. I would without any hesitation pay full price for it (again).
YES! I absolutely agree! Reaper 9 just add a new Vocal Pitch correction feature and it is amazing! Please, WML...add a Vocal Pitch correction plugin and it will be an iOS freaky awesome DAW ever!

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Re: ReTune

Post by Rim » Tue Sep 06, 2016 8:08 pm

Third party plugins are out of our hands. If you like a particular plugin and want them to add it to Auria, I suggest asking them to port it.


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Re: ReTune

Post by theconnactic » Tue Sep 06, 2016 8:56 pm

And, sadly, most third party plug-in developers wouldn't even care to answer such a feature resquest, or any feature requests for that matter. At least in my personal experience. Of course, they own their customers nothing more than the listed features at the time of the purchase, and proper bug fixes if it's the case. But it would be a wise marketing strategy, when emailed both by current and prospective customers, to give at least a protocolar "we hear you" answer. Anyway.

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Re: ReTune

Post by CasperGomez » Wed Sep 07, 2016 5:50 am

Oooh I did not even realize that when you install AutoTune Mobile you can select it in Auria and use it as an Insert!!

That is awesome!! AT mobile is great especially for $5 it's a no brainer!!!

Problem solved!!

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