Is this a PSP issue or an Auria issue with preset boxes?

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Is this a PSP issue or an Auria issue with preset boxes?

Post by martygras » Tue Aug 04, 2015 1:32 pm

I've noticed something that could be improved, but not sure if it is Auria or PSP, or both.

When auditioning presets from say, the convolution reverb module, The preset box must be re-opened every time to change presets. I have spent hours listening to looping tracks auditioning reverb presets and it would really help workflow by being able to tap a plus or minus button, or up and down arrows to allow quick cycling of other presets.

In addition.
The window for the preset name seldom shows the entire preset name so many presets look identical until you open up the preset selection window. When you do open the preset window, the current preset is not highlighted so that can also cause confusion.

I've also noticed user presets seem to load slower than the provided presets. Am I imagining this?
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