What about AURIA PRO???

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Re: What about AURIA PRO???

Post by Anthony Alves » Fri Sep 11, 2015 6:55 am

yes Cesar you could be correct. I think it was even more like 90 percent of the portable Pcs in cpu and graphic usage. Either way very fast in todays standards of a tablet. I think Apple has always set the standard of a model by the Pro logo. like the MacBook Pro as the flagship of that line. I think they have now introduced what will be now the flagship of the iPad lineup. So just like their other products you can choose at which level you want to enter and what fits your needs best. I think we will see the iPad Air line receive the Pro specks after a year or two of the Pro model but I feel it will always be the pro that will have the latest speed and performance that the iPad can offer for any given year. Just like the Macbook Pro and MacPro. Cheers.

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