Pro-DS...Before or after reverb

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Re: Pro-DS...Before or after reverb

Post by mtingle » Mon May 11, 2015 3:34 pm

richardyot wrote:
mtingle wrote:try adding a kick drum to a track, now add an eq and remove all the bass frequencies leaving it tinny. now turn up a reverb on an AUX channel and hear the return of all the bass through the AUX channel. This can only be achieved if the AUX's are pre-insets.
Just done that exact test: kick drum filtered to remove all the low end and then a reverb in the Aux send, the sound is exactly as it should be. There is no question about it, the Aux is after the inserts, in fact the signal chain is explained in the manual, on page 40.
Well this completely radical. To everyone who said it was the other way round, my humble apologies.

I was wrestling with removing deep rumble from vocal reverbs and was sure I'd tested this. I think I must of been testing the channel strip which doesn't seem to affect the AUX send.

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Re: Pro-DS...Before or after reverb

Post by timmyg » Fri May 15, 2015 8:15 am

instinctive wrote:To give a final answer to the OP:

- your setup is perfectly fine. Put a de-esser as an insert into every vocal track that needs one, preferably BEFORE any EQ
- the reverb, if added via an aux send, has no influence on the de-essing whatsoever, and auxes are always the preferred way to get effects that just "add" to a signal, but do not change the signal itself (reverbs, echoes etc.)
- the aux sends are post-inserts, period. So yes, it's your already de-essed signal that gets reverberated, which is what you want.
- de-essing a reverberated vocal doesn't work, neither does de-essing a mix of several vocal tracks with a single de-esser. So, putting a de-esser on a group channel doesn't make sense either.

Thanks, I'm done :mrgreen:
Awesome. That's what I was after...a step-by-step answer to my OP. I too am done (once I implement what you said!!)

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Re: Pro-DS...Before or after reverb

Post by Denzkps » Tue May 19, 2015 6:54 am

Hi to all!
When aux delay compensation is available We will hear pre fader sound only. When disable - after all plugins. Is it Bug? And when used sidechain same issue. And I think its big problem for normal work.

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Re: Pro-DS...Before or after reverb

Post by Rim » Tue May 19, 2015 7:10 pm

The next update has an improved delay compensation engine and will be released along with Auria Pro.


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