Music workflow: Record multiple tracks from Yamaha MOTIF

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Music workflow: Record multiple tracks from Yamaha MOTIF

Post by sammyhunk » Tue Mar 17, 2015 5:11 pm

Hello my fellow Auria fans,

I am loving Auria right now and eagerly waiting for the Auria Pro to come out soon! I have a Yamaha MOTIF XF6 and I love composing music on it and then transfer the tracks to Auria for final mixing/editing/mastering (not a big fan of the interface on the XF for editing) using the iRig pro. My question is: What is the most effective way to transfer a multi-track song or music pattern directly into a multi-track Auria session? Currently, I am following an extremely inefficient process of soloing each individual track in the MOTIF and recording them to individual tracks in Auria. I know Firwire supports multi-track there a way in which I can use the FireWire port from the MOTIF (using the FW16e FireWire card) to directly transfer a multi-track song into a multi-track auria session? I want to cut out the pc completely from my workflow if possible.

Awaiting your responses!


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