Playing live midi electronic drums in Auria

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Playing live midi electronic drums in Auria

Post by Marky22 » Wed Nov 26, 2014 3:49 am

Hi everyone,
After trying, reading, hoping and googling I finally got this to work.. I think.

I really wanted to be able to record my Roland TD-3 drum kit with midi, because I don’t play drums well enough to nail them live within a decent amount of time AND because I want to be able to edit the drumtrack AND assign different sounds/samples to the notes played AND apply changes if the song changes or whatever ☺

So now I can play live on my drum kit, record the midi, edit the midi, play that track through other apps if necessary and record the audio in Auria. With or without Audiobus.

I’m writing this down to remember everything myself, but I thought it might be helpful for others. And maybe you guys have even better suggestions for me.
Maybe there are easier, better ways. Love to hear it!

Maybe there are better ways or apps to do it but this was done with DrumStudio, On an iPad Air 2 64GB.

PART 1 – RECORDING THE MIDI – using Audiobus
Assuming that you already have some guide tracks available in Auria.

- Start Audiobus , choose DrumStudio as input, Auria as output.
- Midi setting Auria: Receive MTC/MMC/Clock from DrumStudio
- Midi settings DrumStudio: Midi out yes, Midi in no.
- Make sure tempo in DrumStudio is the same as your Auria project.
- I set latency to 1024 in Audiobus and DrumStudio
- Start record in DrumStudio first
- Start Auria play (in DrumStudio’s Audiobus-thing)
- Play the song… midi notes are recorded in DrumStudio and can be edited/tweaked in the DrumStudio sequencer.

PART 1 – RECORDING THE MIDI – without Audiobus
- In Auria, choose DrumStudio as input on the Channel Strip
- In Auria, receive midi mtc/mmc/clock from DrumStudio (might work the other way around as well, don’t know)
- In DrumStudio : Clock output set to virtual
- I checked latency for DS and Auria and set it to 1024
- Press record in DS
- Record drums and edit

- when the drumtrack is edited
- In Auria choose DrumStudio as input on Channelstrip
- Auria: send mtc/mmc/clock
- Drumstudio: enable midi in, disable midi out
- Start recording in Auria

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