Transfer content from old iPad to new iPad?

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Transfer content from old iPad to new iPad?

Post by Katladraken » Sat Jun 28, 2014 2:01 pm

Hi experts!

I recently bought a new iPad and i am trying to transfer all my old projects within Auria into Auria on my new pad.
Is there a simple way to do this so that i automaticly get all the settings, plugins, tracknames etc or do i need
to add each track induvidually and then try to remember all the effects / plugins i used and remix everything?
I can find both the raw tracks and the frozen tracks in my backup i did on my PC, i can also see the backups and settings folders but they don´t seem to work when i import them onto my new pad.

What i would like to find is a simple way to export the project from my old ipad and then simply import it the same way into my new pad so that tracks are added automaticly, also track names etc. I have also tried to make each project into rar. files but Auria does not recognize anything so the folders remains zipped and invisible when i try to acces it via the ipad ( i can see them in the file sharing window on my pc within iTunes )

I can also add that when i trasnfered the whole project folder i got tons of tracks, both the original tracks, punched in tracks that had now moved to the start of the song instead of its original place in the song and the frozen tracks, so this was not ideal, also, the raw tracks missed all the plugins, and obvisly the frozen tracks wont be able to be edited or mixed after since they are just a wave right?

Thanks in advance, i hope i explained this good enough :)

Old iPad - ipad 3 64gb
New iPad - iPad Mini Retina 128 gb


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