Thesys starts on Rec, not Rec/Play

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Thesys starts on Rec, not Rec/Play

Post by papertiger » Fri Apr 18, 2014 7:56 am

I thought I would check here first, but I've encountered an issue with recording audio from Thesys when it is hosted as an IAA in Auria, and Thesys is hosting a synth as IAA inside of it (think nested dolls).

Recording in Auria requires enabling record on both the relevant audio track and in the main transport. Normally, IAA apps with sequencers will not start playing until the play button is pushed, thereby making recording easy-peasy. Thesys, however, starts to play when recording is enabled on the main transport (i.e. when you press record on the main transport).

Given how stable Auria is compared to Thesys (and most of the sugar Bytes apps), I'm assuming it's a Thesys problem. I also experienced some crazy CPUs spikes this morning (2978% if I recall correctly) with a fairly simple project on an iPad 4.

Has anyone had the same experience? Any ideas, Rim? I plan to post on the Sugar Bytes forum as well (provided they have one).

Thanks in advance.


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