Auria as switching mixer for live performance?

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Auria as switching mixer for live performance?

Post by wynntom » Thu Feb 06, 2014 1:32 am

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Hi everyone,

I hope to use Auria as a live mixer in conjunction with Audiobus.  I'm new to both apps.  I'm not really interested in using Auria to multitrack record; I'd rather use it as a means to quickly switch between input sounds (each one imported into a different track on Auria, via Audiobus).

So, when I perform with a midi keyboard and a looping station (EHX 45000) I can just use the Auria interface to switch between (for instance) Beatmaker on track 1, DM1 on track 2, iELECTRIVIBE on Track 3, and so on.

Can this be done?  Thanks in advance everyone.

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