Synching Auria With Genome?

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Re: Synching Auria With Genome?

Post by Airyck » Fri Oct 02, 2015 2:59 pm

I've never really gotten along too well with Genome but most of what I do is MIDI sequencing. On my eternal quest to leave the computer (iPad doesn't count) out of the equation I've ran across an app for MIDI sequencing that works for me.

Pro MIDI ... 56959?mt=8

It still currently works on iOS 5.1.1 so you could technically dedicate an old iPad 1 to sequencing duties if you have a MIDI interface that works with it.

Seems to sync well with my Electribe ES2 (hardware), Patterning Drum Machine, LP5, etc... I haven't tried it with Auria yet but maybe I'll check it out later.

I only recently ran across this but between Pro MIDI and LP5 I've been able to re-create my Ableton Live style clip launching that I like so much. Could work great with Auria as well sync it does clip looping and scene launching. You could loop a MIDI clip and then record the audio into Auria.

... in case Genome isn't working for you. Audiobus is in the works for it too (transport controls), worth checking out at the very least.

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