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help playing live

Post by cskeating » Thu Jan 30, 2014 8:05 pm

I have a question that I need your help on. I am new to Auria and would like to play live. Basically I want to play with my guitar and a mic. Here is my issue... I want to add some distortion from the overloud plug in and some reverb to my mic. I added Overloud to my guitar channel and left the aux 1 on 0. Next I added a reverb to the Aux FX and turned the aux 1 up half way. When I turn the aux on my mic channel, the one i want it on, it also apples it to my guitar channel which I don't want. How to I get around this?

Also, keeping the same settings, my mic slider all the way to 10 and the aux 1 on 50% my guitar seems to loose the distortion sound and starts sounding clean but the same loud signal when I move its slider down. If the guitar slider is all the way down it is clean and loud and all 3/4 of the way up it is heavy distortion. This may not bear mentioning, but I am not recording live but do have the recording enabled on the two tracks.

I hope I made it clear enough. I am new to this.


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