Safely taking projects off iPad to save space?

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Safely taking projects off iPad to save space?

Post by Zippydog » Sat Nov 02, 2013 8:46 am

Did a search here and didn't find much on this one, so I'm going to ask before I try anything.

I've got four projects recorded now and plenty of iPad memory yet to burn, but eventually, I'll tap out on space.

I assume the following is true:
When I go into iTunes, select the Auria app in "File Sharing" I can highlight a file and hit "Save To" to save a copy of that file on my desktop/computer, etc. In iTunes, I see multiple files for a single project: A "Project" folder and a handful of associated .wav files sharing versions of the project name. I assume each of the .wav files are versions of different mixdowns I've done from that project. How am I doing so far?

1. To fully save/remove projects, assume I need to pull off both the "Project" folder and the associated .wav files, yes? Anything else?
2. If I have old mixdowns using up memory, can I just delete them and leave the most current version without affecting the project? For that matter, can I delete them all and create a new mixdown after that? (not yet happy with any of them, so none are final).
3. If I want to put a project that I've saved to my computer back onto the iPad, I assume the above process reverses, using iTunes file sharing, using the "add" function and dropping the files back into Auria, yes?

Anything else I should know/consider? I know these are pretty basic questions, so thanks for your patience. Being overly cautious because I've got too much time sunk into these projects to mess them up!!

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Re: Safely taking projects off iPad to save space?

Post by chuen » Sat Nov 02, 2013 3:29 pm

Auria always keeps required files in Project folder (only IR files is stored separate in IR folder)
I recommend to use iFUNbox in case of backing it up to computer
Auria have project clean up function (tap Process choose Condence regions) but it is now working well
you can do manually - check wave filenames are used in sequencer window (you have to check all the project's snapshots)
any other you can safetly delete...
this can free up some space also

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