IPad interface USB Y- cable power?

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IPad interface USB Y- cable power?

Post by Turtlejon » Sat Jan 12, 2013 2:40 pm

I am choosing an interface for my ipad mini, and am wondering about USB power. I understand that ipad won't pass enough power by itself for many of the listed devices so a powered hub is needed. I have this USB Y cable from an old hard drive which needed more current than my computer provided. The second plug carried only power, not data. I'm wondering if a USB battery (like the ones for recharging a phone), plugged into the second plug would pass power to the interface? I imagine the output current to be the limiting factor, as many draw at least 1a, often more, especially with phantom power for 2 mics. I would perform this experiment myself, but I don't have an interface yet, nor a suitable battery.

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