Importing "Synthjacker" SFZ instruments into Lyra

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Importing "Synthjacker" SFZ instruments into Lyra

Post by McDTracy » Sun Apr 14, 2019 1:04 pm

I purchased "Synthjacker" to make sampled instruments for AudioLayer and NS2. For those targets you must use the Metadata in the Filenames.

But Synthjacker also generates a fundamental SFZ file with every auto-sampling run. It can auto-sample external MIDI equipment, Loopback to any IOS
App with an audio interface or host AU Apps.

I have tried to package the samples and SFZ file into a Zip using AudioShare and adding it to the Auria Pro Sampled Instrument folders
but the samples do not produce sound. The sample files are in AIFF format. Is that a problem for Lyra?

Any help appreciated. Lyra is the best disk streaming Sampler on IOS and being able to use an auto-sampler app on IOS with it would
bring many new users to the Auria Pro community.

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Re: Importing "Synthjacker" SFZ instruments into Lyra

Post by Corey W » Sun Apr 14, 2019 1:26 pm

The AAF files are fine, but you may want to try a different, more direct way to add the sounds to Lyra.

I am going to assume you are running iOS 11+ on your iPad and have access to the Apple Files App. Rather then placing a .zip file into Auria Pro's Sampler Instruments folder via AudioShare, directly place a folder containing both the SFZ file and reference audio files into Lyra's Sampler Instruments.

Apple Files app> On my iPad> Auria Pro> Sampler Instruments> Create a new category folder here or place your new sample folder into one of the already created folders. Do not nest the sample folder more then 1 level beyond the category folder.

If you are still running into issues using this method, please email us directly at Support[at]Drumagog[dot]com and send me one of your sampler instruments- you may need to paste a share link from DropBox into the email if the file size is large


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Re: Importing "Synthjacker" SFZ instruments into Lyra

Post by McDTracy » Sun Apr 14, 2019 2:09 pm

I forgot to mention that I started by moving the Synthjacker output folder into the "Sampler Instruments" folder using the IOS Files App and
Auria shows the Folder in the selection menu and entering into the folder shows all the files named and one of them is the .sfz file.

I suspect the developer of SynthJacker is missing something.

I will work the issue with the SynthJacker developer as a next step. I have posted the question on the AudioBus Forum which entertains
general user questions that get answered by users and developers in an open format. Emails with support are closed loop (one-to-one)
and have now "seachable" history. I'm not a fan of that approach to problem solving.

I can understand why developers prefer and I use it when the situation warrants taking up their bandwidth on my issue. This is a "nice to have"
feature for Auria Pro users, IMHO. I'd prefer developers and support be focused on MIDI FX bugs. But I always think there's a user eager to help.
And more often that not... that's how I get work done. Ask Users first.

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Re: Importing "Synthjacker" SFZ instruments into Lyra

Post by Rodolfo » Sun Apr 14, 2019 11:52 pm

Hi @McDTracy,
I also saw your post in the AB forum so I decided to test Synthjaker by myself.

The good news is that I found the issue that is preventing the SFZ generated by Synthjacker to work with Lyra: it’s the file format of the audio files.

According to Audioshare, the .aif files are recognized as follows:

32 bits 44100 Hz

Well, that format is not readable by Lyra Sampler, since it’s not actually an AIFF file but a CAF file.

So I converted the files with AudioShare to AIFF format, and now the resulting files are shown by AudioShare as:

24 bit 44100 Hz

I renamed the coverted files (AudioShare will append a “-converted” string to the file name) and replaced the original ones. Then copied the folder with all the new files (including the SFZ text file) to a user folder in the Sampler Instruments folder in Auria Pro and the instrument was perfectly recognized by Lyra and works as expected.

So my suggestion would be to ask Synthjacker dev to take a look at the file format and see if he can change the output file to real AIFF or WAV format to improve compatibility with most SZF samplers.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Importing "Synthjacker" SFZ instruments into Lyra

Post by McDTracy » Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:46 am

@Rodolfo - Thank you for the detective work and the workaround. The SynthJacker Developer reports he is using AudioKit's file tools and
the format was changed as a result. He should have an update to address the root issue. Having an IOS Auto-Sampler to feed Lyra sound fonts
from external hardware and AU Apps will be great.

I noticed last month that Apple's EXS export in Mainstage of many instruments was also using *.caf for the audio format so I could not import them into
AudioLayer on IOS.

I'm sure there are some benefits to these new formats but I have no idea what they are. Until developers know the benefit and users demand the format "wave" files are the most universal I think for samples.

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